Who We Are



Our Vision

Transparency International is the UK’s leading independent anti-corruption organisation.

For more than 25 years we have worked to expose and prevent corruption so that no one in the UK and where the UK has influence has to suffer its consequences.

We are a leading member in the Transparency International global movement  made up of more than 100 country chapters around the world. By sharing our expertise we believe we can increase understanding of corruption in its various forms, develop effective solutions, and stop it taking hold.

Our vision is a world where people’s lives, government, business and society are free from corruption.  A world where, the health of our institutions is enhanced so they can better support the people they are intended for; a world where we can trust the integrity of those in authority and in business, and a world where there is no impunity for the corrupt at home or abroad.


Our Work

Our ground-breaking research and work with governments, business and civil society has exposed serious governance issues in the UK and where the UK has contributed to corruption abroad. We have changed the systems that have enabled corruption to take root, and led campaigns to hold those responsible to account. We have empowered countries, institutions, the private sector and civil society to take steps to prevent corruption in politics, health care, business, defence and security.

 Recent achievements include:

  • Successfully campaigning for Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs).
  • Leading the campaign for a Register of Beneficial Ownership to reveal the true owners of companies in the UK and UK overseas territories.
  • Successfully advocating for the UK Bribery Act (2010) and the first global anti-corruption summit (2016) and the first UK anti-corruption strategy (2016?).
  • Supporting FTSE 100 companies to reduce the risk of corruption.
  • Our Defence and Security team advises NATO forces from all 30 member states to better understand the destabilizing impact of corruption in conflict and crisis. environments, and ensure they are equipped to recognize, mitigate, and respond.
  •  Our Health Initiative exposed how corruption manifests, impact and detracts from health systems from drug research to health care delivery.

Header Photo: © Transparency International Lithuania | TransparencySchool.org