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  • The Cost of Secrecy: The role played by companies registered in the UK’s Overseas Territories in money laundering and corruption

    For decades, the Overseas Territories have represented a weakness in the UK’s approach to tackling the flow of corrupt wealth around the world. The corporate secrecy afforded by these jurisdictions has made them destinations of choice for corrupt individuals seeking to hide criminal acts and enjoy the proceeds of their crimes with impunity. Using evidence

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  • Corporate Political Engagement Index 2018

     A new index of 104 multi-national companies, many of whom regularly meet with Government, has found nearly three quarters are failing to adequately disclose how they engage with politicians. Just one company received the highest grade whilst on average companies were ranked “E” – representing poor standards in transparency. Launched today by the UK

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  • Accountability in Action: The Impact of Monitoring the Implementation of the 2016 Anti-Corruption Summit Commitments

    Transparency is central to tackling corruption – access, participation and collaboration depend on it – and if transparency is the first step towards progress, accountability is the next. Yet holding governments accountable for the things they said they would do is the piece of the puzzle that all too often gets forgotten. When governments proactively

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  • In Whose Interest?

    In our new report ‘In Whose Interest?’, Transparency International UK has looked at how some parliamentarians are engaging in activity that appears to be supporting or legitimating the actions of corrupt and repressive regimes in Azerbaijan, Russia and Bahrain. Although these case studies reflect a range of engagement – from potentially unknowing legitimation through to

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