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  • Fighting Corruption Worldwide 2020

    The Covid-19 Pandemic has turned the world on its head. It has exposed fault lines we did not know were there, and underscored others that we did. Looking forward, government, business and civil society around the world will have to decide how we can do things differently – and better. Fighting corruption must remain a

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  • UK Anti-Corruption Coalition: Covid-19 Statement

    Maintaining trust and confidence in public institutions, government decision-making, business and the rule of law will be crucial to managing the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuring a successful recovery. As ordinary citizens are being asked to make extraordinary sacrifices in response to the public health crisis, transparency, openness and accountability are essential to ensuring this trust

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  • Embedding impact assessment in advocacy projects

    Since 2017, the Promise to Practice project has been tracking around 170 anti-corruption pledges from over 20 countries around the world through the use of a digital tracking tool, The Global Anti-Corruption Pledge Tracker, and eight national pledge trackers. These were developed to support national advocacy efforts of Mexico, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Jordan,

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  • Open Business

    Open Business sets a new bar for disclosures in anti-corruption and governance and provides an aspirational but achievable roadmap to better corporate practice. By demonstrating the value of harnessing transparency in these areas, this report shows how companies can embrace transparency to reduce corruption risk while also building consumer and public trust, protecting and building

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