News 22nd Jan 2024

WATCH: Corruption – the human cost and consequences

Keri Doogan-Turner

Senior Events Coordinator

Keri joined leads on convening across the organisation, providing dedicated support to the Business Integrity programme and flagship events including the Annual Lecture.

With dedicated events experience in the not-for-profit sector, Keri brings expertise communicating about a range of topics from effective democracy to responsible investment, gender equality and climate change. She has organised events on behalf of Westminster Foundation for Democracy, ShareAction and ODI. Keri graduated with a BA in War Studies and History from King’s College London.

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On 18 January we hosted Corruption: The Human Cost and Consequences, our annual event held, this year, at the US Embassy in London.

Our aim was to explore the human costs and consequences of corruption and the trail of damage and destruction it all too often leaves in its wake. As campaigners against corruption, it’s very easy to focus on the principled reasons for our work and the technical aspects of what needs to be done -  whilst failing to give time to look at the everyday impact of corruption felt by millions of people around the world – often the most vulnerable.

We were joined by Richard Nephew, U.S. Department of State's Coordinator on Global Anti-Corruption who delivered a keynote address setting out the case for why corruption represents a national and international security risk, the role of the international system in tackling it and the tools we have available to do so.

Richard’s speech was followed by a closer look at several examples of the impact of corruption including the 2023 earthquake in Turkey and the 2020 explosion in the port of Beirut, Lebanon and a discussion and questions from our expert panel which included:

  • Daniel Bruce - Chief Executive at Transparency International UK (Moderator).
  • Sarah Chayes - independent researcher and author internationally recognized for her work on the role severe and structured corruption plays in prompting international crises.
  • Dalal Mawad - independent award-winning Lebanese journalist and author of All She Lost.
  • Oya Özarslan - founding Chair of Transparency International Turkey and former Board Member of Transparency International

The thought-provoking contributions of our speakers, shining a light on the real-world impact of corruption on people’s lives drove home the importance of our work and the need for urgent solutions.

We hope you enjoy the recording.