Take Back Control: How Big Money Undermines Trust in Politics

“Take Back Control: How big money undermines trust in politics” takes a look at political donations in the UK, with particular analysis on the recent EU referendum. The research found that just 10 donors amounted to more than half of all donations to the various referendum campaigns, despite it being a huge vote for the future of the UK. The paper argues that loopholes and weaknesses in the political donations system can enable access to power gained through making large donations to political parties, politicians and their campaigns. This can also lead to “political capture” by private interests in which decisions are made for the good of those making large donations, rather than society as a whole.

New stats from Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer showed that 76% of the public think wealthy individuals are using influence on government to benefit their own interests. Transparency International UK makes a series of recommendations to address the issue, including a £10,000 cap on donations per donor per year.


Take Back Control: How Big Money Undermines Trust in Politics

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