Responsible Business Conduct

Businesses in the UK generate billions in turnover every year, with operations ranging in size from micro businesses to large multi-national enterprises. As a key player in the global economy with an independent voice at the World Trade Organization, the UK is well equipped to lead the integrity agenda, not only because of its progressive anti-bribery legislation, but also because many UK businesses now recognise the strategic advantage responsible business conduct offers to the country’s dynamic economy.

Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) strategies and metrics guide the private sector on building up a future aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) and broader business integrity. Whereas, sustainability and climate change tend to be at the center of most discussions, issues related to human rights, anti-corruption and integrity, and ultimately sound governance, are also paramount to the implementation and delivery of any of the Global Goals. By addressing and mitigating corruption factors and increasing governance transparency, the private sector is better equipped to tackle environmental and social issues.


Responsible Business Conduct

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