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Open Business

Open Business sets a new bar for disclosures in anti-corruption and governance and provides an aspirational but achievable roadmap to better corporate practice.

By demonstrating the value of harnessing transparency in these areas, this report shows how companies can embrace transparency to reduce corruption risk while also building consumer and public trust, protecting and building their reputation and gaining a competitive advantage.

Informed by extensive research including in-depth interviews with legal and compliance figures from FTSE 100 companies, insight from some of the world’s biggest institutional investors, and Transparency International’s own anti-corruption expertise, this groundbreaking research:

  • Sets out the business case for greater corporate transparency
  • Fills the current ‘guidance gap’ by providing companies consolidated guidance on how to disclose policies and procedures publicly
  • Offers solutions to the most frequently cited legal challenges to greater disclosures


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  • Report published: Mar 2020

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