The Business Integrity Programme aims to raise private sector anti-corruption standards.  We believe in a world fair and free of corruption, where UK companies act with integrity and transparency and do not participate in, enable or endorse corruption.  Program engagement reduces commercial, legal, operational, financial, and reputational risk. Benefits to members include improved work cultures, stakeholder trust, positive branding and decreased costs due to corruption.

We do this in various ways, by:


Providing Best Practice ABAC and Compliance Research and Guidance

We conduct research into key risk areas for bribery and corruption in business. We use this research to design tools and guidance for companies on how to address these high-risk areas, strengthen their anti-corruption programmes and build trust with stakeholders. These resources are available for businesses of all sizes.


Engaging Corporates with the Business Integrity Programme

We bring together businesses that wish to operate at the forefront of anti-bribery and corruption developments and pledge to demonstrate commitment to fighting corruption in their own operations. Means of engaging include:


Providing Training and e-learning

We provide online training for organisations and front-line workers in a wide variety of sectors as well as training tailored to the not-for-profit community.

Want to find out more about working with us and the projects we are working on? Email us at or 


Areas of business we benefit:

  • ABAC

  • Compliance

  • Financial Crime

  • Supply Chain

  • Monitoring/Reporting

  • Payments

  • Procurement

  • Legal


COVID-19 UPDATE: We have made contingency measures to take our Business Integrity Forum and Corporate Anti-Corruption Benchmark events online until further notice and invite our members and participants to share the event details across their global teams. If you have any questions, please do email us at