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Why support us?

Corruption at the root of many issues of our time – from Occupy to the Arab Spring and Ukraine corruption is a common factor.

Corruption in the UK – public concern over links between politics and big business corruption in institutions such as the police

The UK – in particular London  – as a safe haven and clearing house for global corruption. TI-UK uniquely placed to have a substantial impact on global corruption.

TI-UK as a small organisation with big expertise – we have proved our approach with big successes (Bribery Act Corruption in the UK report), but are small enough to be efficient and responsive to need

Our values – independent and politically non-partisan, integrity, fairness, work with a large spectrum of stakeholders in the fight against corruption – including policy makers and government ministers, civil society and campaigning organisations, governments, international institutions and private sector companies. We believe that by engaging with a wide variety of stakeholders we can present well reasoned arguments based on sound evidence, and can achieve change by highlighting why eliminating corruption is good for the individual, company, government, nation and world.


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