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Policies & Procedures

Transparency International UK (TI-UK) has several internal policies and procedures which are adhered to. Please follow the links below to download further information:

TI-UK Anti-Bribery Policy

TI-UK Environmental Policy

TI-UK Equal Opportunities Policy

TI-UK Policies and Procedures Manual

TI-UK Advocacy and Political Engagement Policy

TI-UK Privacy Policy

TI-UK Senior Staff Members and Company Secretary Register of Interests


Transparency International UK (TI-UK) publishes a register of all gifts, hospitality and entertainment received, updated quarterly.

TI-UK’s gifts policy is as follows:

1. No TI-UK staff member/consultant accepts directly or indirectly any discount, gift, entertainment (includes meals, cultural events, tourist visits etc.) or favours (referred to as gifts) that may influence or be perceived to influence the exercise of their function, or the performance of their duties or their judgement.

2. All gifts between the value of £15 and £50 are registered in the TI-UK register of gifts (such gifts are reported to the Executive Director and Company Secretary and the latter maintains the register, which is available for the information of all TI-UK staff/consultants.

3. All gifts with a value of more than £50 are refused.

The TI-UK register of gifts can be downloaded here.


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