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Advocacy Transparency

Advocacy transparency

This page accompanies Transparency International UK’s (TI-UK) Advocacy & Political Engagement Policy.

On this page you will find information on:

  • TI-UK advocacy goals
  • Significant engagement with UK government departments
  • Membership and support of other bodies and groups
  • Public sector secondees
  • Staff appointed who were previously working in the public sector

Advocacy goals

Although Transparency International UK (TI-UK) advocates across a broad range of corruption-related issues the priority goals, by programme, for the current financial year are:

UK Anti-Corruption Programme (UKACP):

  • Promote integrity standards in UK sectors and institutions, and influence public policy to secure these through system change.
  • Leverage UK leadership to improve the global approach to tackling corruption, by pursuing effective implementation of the commitments made at the Anti-Corruption Summit and in the UK Anti-Corruption Strategy.
  • Work towards ending impunity by restricting the freedom of corrupt individuals and regimes, and the means available to them to launder and shelter the proceeds of corruption in the UK.

Business Integrity Programme (BIP):

  • Foster a widely held belief in UK business, not only in a few or exclusively large corporations, that operating with business integrity as a core element of business is central to surviving and thriving as a company for the future – leading to increasing focus on values led and purposes based organisation cultures, which has the result of reducing incidence of supply side corruption.
  • Increase in the level of transparency by businesses about their operations, leading to greater visibility of and confidence in their operating standards and reduced incidence of corruption.
  • Expand the conversation about anti-corruption to a wider range of businesses both by sector and company size, thereby reducing incidence of corruption in the wider business community.
  • Work to maintain and enhance the operating environment to encourage business integrity, including but not limited to ensuring an optimised UK regulatory environment.
  • Improved standards of business integrity globally by supporting the wider TI movement through collaboration and leading by example.

Global Health Initiative (TI HI):

  • Secure government buy-in for application of open contracting in healthcare procurement in countries relevant for our Open Contracting for Health Initiative.
  • Advocate TI HI messaging towards World Health Organization departments responsible for setting global standards in health

Further information can be found in TI-UK’s Annual Plan 2018-19 and on this website. Details on all of TI-UK’s advocacy positions are publicly available in our blogspublicationspress releases, and written submissions to inquiries and consultations.


Membership and support of other bodies and groups

TI-UK financially supports or is a member of the following coalition groups: Publish What You Pay, the Scottish Alliance for Lobbying Transparency, the Bond Anti-Corruption Group , Civil Society network on UK Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) , the OGP Civil Society Network (including UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales networks), Control Arms the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Anti-Corruption, NCVO, and Bond

TI-UK has signed a memorandum of understanding with the APPG on Anti-Corruption which outlines the nature of our support. It is available to view here.


The following information reports on the previous financial year (2017/18)


Engagement with government departments

UK government departments met with during the 2017/18 financial year: The Home Office, the Cabinet Office, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, HM Treasury, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Defence, HM Revenue & Customs, the Department for Culture Media and Sport, the Department for International Trade, and the Department for International Development. TI-UK also engaged with other government bodies such as the Serious Fraud Office, the National Crime Agency, and the Financial Conduct Authority.

Global engagement

TI HI’s engagement targets primarily government stakeholders in procurement roles and within ministries of health. PHP also targets primarily those World Health Organisation departments and stakeholders relevant to our three primary areas of activity, Research & Development, Procurement and Service Delivery.


Public Sector Secondees

During the 2017/18 financial year, TI-UK received secondees from the following organisations:

  • The Financial Conduct Authority
  • 77th Brigade, The British Army


Staff appointed who were previously working in the public sector

TI-UK’s Advocacy & Political Engagement Policy outlines our policy on the revolving door.

During the 2017/18 financial year, TI-UK appointed the following staff or contractors who had come directly from the public sector:

Kamila Przybyszewska, Management Assistant (Previous role: Consular Assistance Officer, Embassy of the Republic of Poland, London).

The following staff are not employed by TI-UK but work for the Independent Anti-Corruption Defence Committee (NAKO) in Kiev and are employed by TI Ukraine. They are included here because oversight is provided by TI Defence & Security which sits in TI-UK’s London office.

Olena Tregub, Secretary General of NAKO. (From 2015 to 2017, Olena Tregub headed the Department for Coordination of International Programs at the Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.)



See the TI-UK ‘Who funds us?’ webpage for more information



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