US Launch - Licence to bribe? The role of middlemen in defence procurement

Wed 29th Jun 2016
12:00 – 14:00 BST
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In the last five years, more than half of US exports of major conventional weapons have been delivered to markets assessed to have high to critical corruption risk in their defence institutions. In many of these countries, the lack of oversight over defence deals and secretive nature of the sector creates huge opportunities for abuse by corrupt agents. When selling to states with high vulnerability to corruption and where agents are commonly used to secure contracts, is it possible to stay within the bounds of anti-corruption legislation?

On Wednesday 29 June, Transparency International Defence & Security invites you to the US launch of Licence to Bribe? Reducing corruption risks around the use of agents in defence procurement. This report looks at how major governments like the US and UK are pursuing arms deals with corrupt nations, and the role that certain governments can play in sustaining and increasing opportunities for corruption by middlemen.

Following introductory remarks from Transparency International Defence & Security and Baker & McKenzie LLP, the panel will discuss the report before opening the discussion to the floor.


  • Leah Wawro (Transparency International Defence & Security)
  • Howard O. Weissman (Baker & McKenzie LLP)
  • Timothy F. Schultz (IFBEC, Raytheon Company)

The event is being co-hosted by Transparency International Defence and Security and Baker & McKenzie, as part of its Aerospace & Defense Luncheon Series. To register, please e-mail Sal Gonzalez at [email protected].

To register for the UK launch of this report, please visit our event page.

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