Press release 20th Nov 2020

Urgent re-examination of how ministers are held to account needed to ensure independence and integrity

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November 20 - In response to the resignation of the independent adviser on ministerial standards following the Prime Minister’s continued support for the Home Secretary despite findings she had engaged in bullying and harassment, Daniel Bruce, Chief Executive of Transparency International UK, said:

“This is now about more than just one minister. Today’s developments raise serious questions about the vulnerabilities of the system that is supposed to ensure integrity and good governance. When those holding public office fall short of the behaviours expected of them there are usually consequences, but never in recent memory has a minister failed to step down after having been found to have breached the Ministerial Code.

There is now a vacancy for a new adviser on ministerial standards - anyone considering applying will surely need considerable reassurance on the autonomy and independence of the role. An urgent re-examination of how ministers are held to account is now needed to ensure the independence and integrity of the process”.



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