Press release 04th Jun 2024

Transparency International UK welcome Labour’s six point plan to crackdown on Russia’s ‘dirty money’

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Transparency International UK welcome Labour’s six point plan[1] to crackdown on Russia’s ‘dirty money’ but warns action is needed now to finally stop oligarchs acting with impunity.

Commenting on Labour's plans, Duncan Hames, Director of Policy and Programmes said:

"We welcome Labour’s commitment to ensuring Britain takes a leading role in the fight against dirty money. The UK has for too long been a global hub for criminals and kleptocrats who launder their money with impunity.

"Action against opaque trusts, and timely reform from Britain’s offshore financial centres are both important steps in improving transparency over who controls suspicious wealth here and abroad.

"Whilst initiatives like an international court risk being lost in the long grass of diplomatic negotiations, we welcome the urgency with which David Lammy recognises Britain needs to offer leadership in the global fight against corruption.

"We urge all parties to set out their plans to make Britain a leader in the fight against corruption and end the safe haven for illicit wealth on our shores."


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