Press release 22nd Sep 2019

Transparency International UK statement on allegations in The Sunday Times concerning the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

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22rd September 2019, London – In response to a story by The Sunday Times regarding the relationship between the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson and businessperson Jennifer Arcuri, Steve Goodrich, Research Manager at Transparency International UK, said:

“Businesses expect equal treatment from public bodies, who should make decisions based on merit and the public interest, not personal connections. Holders of high office have been entrusted by the public to exclusively serve the public good – it should not be a platform for the benefit of friends or associates of those elected representatives.

“Allegations of cronyism and patronage are very serious and require full investigation to establish the facts of the case. Any investgation into alleged wrongdoing by those in public office must be completely independent and free from potential political interference. Establishing the full facts of a case is critical to determining whether there has been a breach of the rules and maintaining confidence in the impartiality of our public institutions.”



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