Press release 02nd Oct 2019

Statement on Transparency International UK independence and impartiality

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October 2, London – Transparency International UK (TI-UK) is an independent organisation within the global Transparency International movement, with its own management team, board of trustees, policies, financial accounts and sources of funding.

We make public policy recommendations to politicians across the political divide with a view to securing legislative and regulatory reforms to prevent corruption. We do not accept any funding from donors seeking to influence these policies, nor are they influenced by those who fund us.

TI-UK is independent and politically impartial and does therefore both engage with and objectively criticise politicians regardless of their political opinion or party affiliation.

TI-UK has neither advocated for or against the UK’s continued membership of the European Union.

Our annual accounts, which list our sources of income, are published on our website. TI-UK is not working on any projects funded by the European Union.

More information on our governance, policies and produces can be found here.


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