Safeguarding the Beautiful Game: A Guide to Preventing Match-Fixing in Football at Club Level

Tue 02nd Sep 2014
18:00 – 20:30 BST
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Transparency International UK is launching new guidance designed to assist football club officials to prevent match-fixing

On the 2nd September, Transparency International UK will launch its new guidance, Safeguarding the Beautiful Game: A Guide to Preventing Match-Fixing in Football at Club Level.

Reports of match-fixing linked to corrupt sports gambling has been on the increase in recent years. To address the problem football authorities have introduced a number of counter-measures. But more needs to be done to educate those directly targeted by match-fixers on the risks they face, how they might be approached and the action they should take to protect themselves and the integrity of their club and their sport.

This guide is targeted at football club officials and those who work with football players at all levels in the United Kingdom. Please join us for this panel discussion and drinks reception to mark the launch of this report.

To register for this event, please email [email protected]

Project background

This guide has been developed as part of Staying on Side: How to Stop Match-Fixing Transparency International’s first multi-country project specifically relating to corruption and sport. TI has chosen to focus on match-fixing in football because it is a clear manifestation of corruption and can lead to other illegal activities, such as money laundering. Because of football’s global popularity and the fact that the online betting market is now worth $700 billion annually, match-fixing has attracted the attention of criminals and organised crime.

The Staying on Side project has been commissioned and funded by the European Commission and European Professional Football Leagues. The project aims to build a strategic partnership between football leagues and anti -corruption associations in six European countries, as well as at the regional level.