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Wise Counsel or Dark Arts? Principles and guidance for responsible corporate political engagement

Transparency International UK has published a new guidance for companies on the responsible management of corporate political engagement.

Wise Counsel or Dark Arts? Principles and guidance for responsible corporate political engagement provides practical advice on addressing the challenges of managing political engagement. It is also designed to assist lobbyists, trade bodies, regulators, law-makers, investors, prosecuting agencies and professional advisers who may wish to refer to a Transparency International (TI) position when forming their own approach and decisions.

Engagement with the political process is a legitimate, necessary and beneficial business activity. However, repeated political scandals have led to high levels of public mistrust of the relationship between the public and private sectors. This, in addition to significant legal, corruption and bribery risks, makes it a complex area for companies to manage.

The guidance covers a broad spectrum of corporate activity including: political contributions; lobbying; memberships of trade associations; exchanges of people between the public and private sectors; and political activities in the workplace.

The guidance provides a set of principles, discussion and advice designed to help companies operate to high ethical standards, protect their reputations and fulfil their legal obligations. It contains:

* Ten principles for managing political engagement responsibly

* A section on assessing risk

* Practical examples and case studies

* A self-assessment checklist aligned to the ten principles and good practice set out in the guidance

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