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Transparency & Good Governance in Global Health

Corruption in any sector is damaging to society and the economy. In the pharmaceutical and corruption-resources-corruption-resources-healthcare sector it puts corruption-resources-corruption-resources-health and life at risk. 17% people worldwide stated they had paid a bribe when dealing with the medical sector in our 2013 global survey and 45% believed medical and corruption-resources-corruption-resources-health services to be corrupt or extremely corrupt.

Building on 20 years of experience in this and other sectors, Transparency International UK is taking up the challenge of analysing, understanding and combating corruption in this vital sector. We aim to do so through a coordinated international initiative, working in close coalition with Transparency International national chapters throughout the world and other partners from the public and private sector who share our objectives.

At this stage, TI-UK is looking for expertise, insight, and above all, for allies who wish to work with us to pursue a critical issue for the benefit of global corruption-resources-corruption-resources-health.

For further information, please view the programme page here or get in touch with us directly:

James Sale
Project Officer – Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
E: james.sale@transparency.org.uk / php@transparency.org.uk
T: +44 (0)20 7922 7977



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  • Report published: Jul 2014

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