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TI-UK Submission to MoJ Consultation on Deferred Prosecution Agreements

Transparency International UK (TI-UK) made a submission to the Ministry of Justice Consultation on a new enforcement tool to deal with economic crime committed by commercial organisations – Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs).

Summary of key points:

  • TI-UK broadly supports the introduction of DPAs but believes that DPAs should be part of a wider set of reforms if they are to work effectively in the interests of justice including 3 specific reforms that would need to be implemented alongside DPAs.
  • TI-UK is not supportive of the introduction of DPAs as a stand-alone measure without these accompanying reforms.
  • As an over-riding principle, TI-UK believes that bribery is a serious crime, for which companies and individuals should be prosecuted and punished. It would not serve the interests of justice for the introduction of DPAs to be seen as a soft option for companies or a cheap option for prosecutors.


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  • Report published: Aug 2012

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