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TI-UK Submission to HM Treasury National Risk Assessment on Terrorist Financing & Money Laundering

Available estimates and legal case studies of grand corruption indicate that the scale of proceeds of corruption  laundered  through  the  UK  is  vast. The UK has an opportunity to take a proactive leadership role in the detection and recovery of the proceeds of corruption laundered through its jurisdiction.


This  submission  draws  from  TI-UK  research  into the  lessons  learned  from  the  UK  asset  recovery efforts  related  to  the  Arab  Spring (Closing  Down  the  Safe  Havens Dec  2013) and  our report  Combating Money Laundering and Recovering Looted Gains: Raising the UK’s Game (June 2009).

TI-UK has conducted a range of work to understand and improvethe detection and recovery of the proceeds of corruption here in the UK. Most recently, TI-UK issued an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) warning in response to Ukraine on 21 February 2014. It is available to download here.



  • Report published: Jun 2014

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