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TI-UK Leveson Inquiry Submission

This submission covers two areas within Transparency International UK’s specific area of expertise.  It is not intended to raise or examine the full range of ethical issues that will be the subject of the LevesonInquiry.  The subject areas covered by this submission are:
  • Areas in which sections of the  UK media may have acted corruptly
  • Areas in which there is no evidence of corruption by or caused by, the UK media, but in which the environment created may be conducive to corruption.
More specifically this submission covers
  • The importance of press freedom
  • The role of investigative journalism
  • Bribery
  • Media regulation
  • Concentration of media ownership
  • Relationships between the media and politicians
  • Detrimental impacts of systemic corruption.
Transparency International’s definition of corruption is ‘the abuse of entrusted power for private gain.’ This is a widely-used definition of corruption and encompasses behaviours and activities that may be illegal or legal but unethical.
In some areas, this submission makes recommendations.  However, the primary purpose of this submission is to draw the Leveson Inquiry’s attention to the issue of corruption, and to note that corruption is an important issue for the Inquiry to address in the context of the UK media.


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  • Report published: May 2012

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