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The role of the Government Anti-Corruption Champion

Transparency International UK (TI-UK) welcomes the Justice Secretary’s statement on 15 June 2010, following his appointment as the Government’s Anti-Corruption Champion, that “the champion role sends out a clear message that the UK coalition government will not tolerate bribery or corruption and that we will work together to stamp out these practices across the board”.

We also welcome his commitment to working closely with colleagues across departments, devolved administrations, law enforcement, prosecution authorities and regulatory agencies to ensure a coherent and joined-up approach to combat international corruption.

TI-UK believes that the best way of implementing this commitment would be for the Government’s Anti-Corruption Champion to develop and publish an annual Action Plan for Combating International Corruption. The Plan should set out clear priorities for action.

Appropriate mechanisms should be put in place for co-ordination, monitoring and review of progress in implementing the Plan. TI-UK’s detailed recommendations are outlined in this briefing.


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  • Report published: Aug 2012

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