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Principios de Integridad en las Empresas Farmaceúticas

Business Principles for Promoting Integrity in the Pharmaceutical Sector in Latin America” (Pharma Integrity Principles), is a set of new principles focused on strengthening ethical standards across the pharmaceutical sector in Latin America, promoting integrity and ethical business practices.

The Pharma Integrity Principles for Latin America aim to promote integrity in the pharmaceutical sector and guide companies in:

  • Eliminating bribery and related conflicts of interest
  • Demonstrating that the pharma industry is able to do business with integrity
  • Making a positive contribution to improving business standards of integrity, transparency and accountability
  • Development, or strengthening of a practical and effective internal Anti-Corruption or Integrity Program.

These principles serve to complement the existing efforts of the industry at a local and regional level to promote integrity and ethical business practices in the pharmaceutical sector, as further detailed in the Pharma Integrity Principles document.

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  • Report published: May 2017

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