From Practice to Impact

The 2016 Anti-Corruption Summit was undoubtedly a landmark in global recognition that tackling corruption matters. It was a unique opportunity to develop plans of action to effectively address this issue, acknowledging that the real victims of corruption are the world’s citizens. It created a platform for 43 governments to sign up to ambitious targets.

The Summit covered a wide array of topics, which presented opportunities both for success and failure. However, after an initial analysis by Transparency International UK, more than half of the 648 commitments – 56 per cent – were identified as “concrete” promises. A third – 33 per cent – were “new”, that is, generated by the Summit. And about a third – 30 per cent – were “ambitious”.

Fora of this sort tend to lose relevance once another event takes hold of the international agenda. For this reason, Transparency International’s global movement embarked on a journey of tracking the progress of anti-corruption promises made at the Summit through Transparency International UK’s Promise to Practice Project.

Four years on since the 2016 Anti-Corruption Summit, this report takes stock of the progress achieved through this initiative.


From Practice to Impact

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