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Embedding impact assessment in advocacy projects

Since 2017, the Promise to Practice project has been tracking around 170 anti-corruption pledges from over 20 countries around the world through the use of a digital tracking tool, The Global Anti-Corruption Pledge Tracker, and eight national pledge trackers. These were developed to support national advocacy efforts of Mexico, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Jordan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

In November 2019, three years into the project, Transparency International UK held a learning workshop with the project’s key partners to assess the impact of the project and draw out key lessons learned in order to ensure the effort’s sustainability and resonance in the future work of the Transparency International movement as a whole.

This short report provides the background to this workshop, details of what the training sessions included and how impact stories can be used as an effective way not only to communicate activities, but also to tie them together to best showcase how they are leading to project objectives, and ultimately, change in society as a whole.


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  • Report published: Apr 2020

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