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Fighting Corruption: A Manifesto for a More Secure, Prosperous and Resilient UK

Preventing corrupt money from being laundered into the UK must remain a key concern for the next government, particularly as it navigates a complicated Brexit process. Strong standards that are upheld through EU money laundering directives must be mirrored in domestic legislation. As the UK orientates to different priority markets for international trade, it has the opportunity to pursue inclusion of world-class anti-corruption provisions in any new trade agreements.

Fighting Corruption” calls on all parties and candidates in the forthcoming election to join the fight against corruption for a more secure, prosperous and resilient UK.

Priorities for action by the next government must include:

  • Leadership – publish the UK’s first Anti-Corruption Strategy, as well as appointing a Cabinet Minister to oversee its implementation.
  • Shut the door to dirty money – Introduce a register of the true owners of overseas companies owning property in the UK, to help stop the UK’s housing market acting as a safety deposit box for corrupt individuals across the world.
  • Defend democracy – Reinforce controls on sources of political campaign finance to safeguard our democracy from undue influence or outside interference.
  • Open the books – Roll out open-contracting across the whole of the public sector, including the NHS, to prevent corruption and collusion denying taxpayers value for money.
  • Champion integrity – Lead on the global stage on anti-corruption initiatives to safeguard global security and economic development.


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  • Report published: May 2017

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