Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index 2012

The Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index gives a snapshot of what 129 defence companies around the world do and don’t do to prevent corruption. Companies are scored on 34 questions that inquire into the specifics of the companies’ ethics and anti-corruption systems they have in place.

Two-thirds of the world’s biggest defence companies do not provide enough public evidence about how they fight corruption. This includes companies from all of the ten largest arms exporting nations such as USA, Russia, Germany, France, the UK and China—who between them are responsible for over 90 per cent of the arms sales around the world, the Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index (CI) shows.    

The study, which grades companies from A to F, measures defence companies worth more than USD 10 trillion, with a combined defence revenue of over USD 500 billion.

In addition to the report, detailed information is also available on the CI website


Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index 2012

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