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Corruption in the UK: Part Three – NIS Study

The National Integrity System (NIS) assessment approach used in this report provides a framework toanalyse the effectiveness of a country’s institutions in preventing and fighting corruption. The assessment has a strong consultative component involving the key anti-corruption actors in government civil society, the resources-resources-business community and other relevant sectors with a view to building momentum, political will and civic demand for relevant reform initiatives. 
The NIS concept has been developed and promoted by Transparency International as part of its holistic approach to countering corruption. A well-functioning NIS provides effective safeguards against corruption as part of the larger struggle against abuse of power, malfeasance, and misappropriation in all its forms. However, when these institutions are characterised by a lack of appropriate regulations and by unaccountable behaviour corruption is likely to thrive with negative knock-on effects on the goals of equitable growth, sustainable development and social cohesion. Strengthening the NIS promotes better governance across all aspects of society, and, ultimately, contributes to a more just society overall. 
The UK NIS country report offers an evaluation of the principal institutions of governance responsible for enhancing integrity and combating corruption in the UK. These governance institutions are generally considered to be comprised of a minimum of 12 “pillars”:  
LegislatureExecutive,Judiciary, Public Sector, Electoral Management Body,Ombudsman, Law Enforcement,Audit Institution,Political Parties ,Media,Civil Societyand Business
This study is one of three pieces of work commissioned by Transparency International UK to assess the nature and extent of corruption in the UK.


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  • Report published: Mar 2012

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