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Anti-Bribery Guidance for Not-For-Profit Organisations (Consultation)

The aim of this Guidance is to provide practical advice for not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) of all sizes in the corruption-resources-corruption-resources-educational, voluntary, arts and heritage sectors on how to implement good practice anti-bribery programmes. It is produced to complement similar guidance for international development NGOs published in 2011.

There are growing risks from bribery for many NFPs as their circumstances change, including expanding into new activities and countries, developing intellectual property and recruiting students and pupils from overseas. There can be severe consequences from a bribery incident, including legal sanctions both for NFPS and their officers as well as reputational and organisational damage. NFPs exposed to risks from bribery need to ensure they have in place good practice anti-bribery systems. To assist in this, in-depth advice is given in this Guidance on types of risk and good practice for countering these.

This document is a draft. Its final form will be decided by an expert editorial committee, drawing on the responses to this consultation. We are particularly interested in answers to the following questions:

1. Is the document practical and user-friendly?
2. How do you feel the document could be improved in general?
3. Are there specific sections in which you would like to suggest improvements?
4. Is there anything important you feel has been left out?
5. If you feel you are a low-risk organisation is this document useful?
6. Do you have any case study material that we could include – we would specifically like to receive positive examples that highlight good practice for example of a good policy or procedure?

Deadline    Wednesday July 24th 2013

Responses to consultations@transparency.org.uk


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  • Report published: Jun 2013

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