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Accountable Influence: Bringing Lobbying out of the Shadows

Accountable Influence marks the launch of a new campaign from Transparency International UK “Transparency Matters” to highlight the importance of transparency in the fight against corruption and the effect it has on our everyday lives.

Analysing the new UK Register of Lobbyists and data from Parliamentary registers of interests the new research has found:

  • Less than 4% of lobbyists are covered by the Government’s new lobbying register – almost all lobbyists are completely unaccountable.
  • 8/10 of the most frequent lobbyists are from FTSE 100 companies – lobbying is dominated by the corporate world.
  • £3.4 million paid to 73 MP’s last year for external advisory roles – a significant risk of conflicts of interest.
  • Payments for Parliamentary advice is still allowed in the House of Commons, but prohibited in the House of Lords, Scotland and Wales – a major loophole in the rules

The findings come after detailed analysis of research across Westminster, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

TI-UK has made 38 recommendations to legislatures across the UK including:

  • Statutory register of lobbyists should include both in-house and consultant lobbyists, as well disclose more information.
  • More accurate, accessible, intelligible and meaningful information should be published on lobbyists meetings.
  • An independent body responsible for monitoring and ensuring compliance with the lobbying rules.

To access the campaign please follow this link.

To read our blog post on lobbying click here

To access our press release click here

  Co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union.


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  • Report published: Sep 2015

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