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Accountability in Action: The Impact of Monitoring the Implementation of the 2016 Anti-Corruption Summit Commitments

Transparency is central to tackling corruption – access, participation and collaboration depend on it – and if transparency is the first step towards progress, accountability is the next. Yet holding governments accountable for the things they said they would do is the piece of the puzzle that all too often gets forgotten.

When governments proactively inform the public of their activities it can boost trust and invite constructive engagement, allowing for long-term change to be more informed and as a result, more impactful. For the past decade there has been an international appreciation of public scrutiny as an effective accountability mechanism, with more governments opening up and encouraging their citizens to engage in their activities and processes.

The 2016 Anti-Corruption Summit was one space where governments opened themselves up to public scrutiny; it raised the bar for international meetings, and set out a fresh, collaborative approach to anti-corruption. Over 40 governments used the occasion to make hundreds of individual commitments, which starkly illustrated the varying levels of political will behind each country’s approach to tackling corruption at home and abroad.

In the spirit of accountability, for the last two years Transparency International’s (TI) global movement has mobilised to follow up on these commitments; this report summarises the progress on implementation so far, with ever-changing information accurate as of September 2018.

You can view the progress that Governments have made on their commitments here.


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  • Report published: Oct 2018

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