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Voters call on would-be MPs to declare meetings with lobbyists

Over 150 election candidates support Transparency International’s call to fight corruption

 31st May, London – Voters are writing to their candidates in the 2017 General Election, demanding that they fight corruption if elected, as part of a new campaign by Transparency International.

Since the campaign launch at the weekend, over 150 candidates have offered to play an active role in fighting corruption both at home and abroad. A new tool for voters on the Transparency International website, allows people to enter their postcode and immediately send or amend a pre-prepared message to all candidates in their constituency.

The email calls on prospective MPs to:

  • Support Transparency International’s 5 priority actions for the next UK Government
  • Publish details of all meetings with lobbyists
  • Join the All Party Parliamentary Group on Anti-Corruption

Duncan Hames, Director Transparency International UK, said:

“Voters never wield more power over politicians than as they approach the ballot box at a General Election. We are helping people to use that democratic right to enlist future MPs to fight corruption.”

“After they are elected, MPs will be bombarded by invitations and briefings from professional lobbyists working for private interests. Our best chance of bringing this secretive work out of the shadows is for voters to now demand of candidates that they publish details of these meetings.”

“Following Brexit, the wholesale reconstituting of regulations once set in Brussels is set to be a bonanza for the parliamentary lobbying industry. If voters want to know who their future MPs will be meeting behind closed doors, they really must act now.”


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Dominic Kavakeb
Communications Manager
+44(0)20 3096 7695
+44 (0)79 6456 0340


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