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UK must hold firm on Anti-Corruption Summit

Transparency International UK calls for ambitious summit

London, 8th May 2016 – Robert Barrington, Transparency International UK Executive Director, comments ahead of Anti-Corruption Summit: London 2016, to be held on 12th May 2016:

The Prime Minister has created a platform for governments that are serious about fighting corruption, and now it is up to others to show they share the same ambition.  Those other governments need to be persuaded to sign up to ambitious targets and the UK government should not give in to the usual last minute attempts by less committed countries to water down the Summit’s ambitions.”  

“The UK also still has some things to do to get its own house in order, for example in setting out its own comprehensive anti-corruption strategy and lifting the veil of secrecy over its own Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories.”

“It is particularly interesting that they are expecting good representation from Commonwealth countries, which could signal that under the new Secretary General, who has announced that tackling corruption will be one of her priorities, an institution that has been notably absent from the global anti-corruption efforts might be about to start taking a lead.”



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