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November 6, London – Transparency International UK (TI-UK) is today launching an updated version of its flagship anti-bribery guidance – a comprehensive, free-to-use resource for businesses on anti-bribery and corruption best practice.

The Global Anti-Bribery Guidance Portal, which was developed over nearly a decade by TI-UK experts with the help of more than 120 leading compliance and legal specialists, has undergone a major revamp to ensure it continues to offer up-to-date and detailed guidance on mitigating bribery risks.

The update set live today includes practical summaries of anti-bribery legislation from jurisdictions across the globe, including China, Brazil, and Ukraine. These provide a valuable resource to equip companies with the knowledge to safely conduct business in these higher-risk markets – and avoid both the legal, financial and reputational costs that follow from bribery.

Launched in 2017 in partnership with FTI Consulting and law firm DLA Piper, the portal brings together international best practice based on the UK Bribery Act, US Foreign and Corrupt Practices Act, other national legislation, as well as the ISO37001 standard.

The 18-module guidance includes topics such as risk assessment, due diligence, managing third parties and aligning incentives to behaviour. In addition to bribery, the guidance covers other areas of corruption risk that companies increasingly need to be aware of, such as political engagement, as well as transparency in corporate reporting.

Sophie Ogilvy, Director of Transparency International UK’s Business Integrity Programme, said:

Since its publication in 2017, our portal has become a valuable tool for legal and compliance professionals. This update ensures our guidance remains as relevant now as it was when it was launched.

Bribery and corruption scandals have a major impact on every aspect of a company, from visible effects like fines and reputational damage to internal issues such as the erosion of staff morale. To avoid this, it’s essential that the necessary steps are taken to identify and mitigate the risks. Key to this process is dedicated, professional staff with the right information and guidance at their disposal.

Companies have a vital role to play in tackling global corruption, and eliminating bribery in business transactions both in the UK and abroad would represent a huge step towards this goal. Not only does bribery impact the world’s poorest people the most, it also creates an unequal playing field for business and syphons billions out of markets. A world without bribery is a fairer and more prosperous place, and we aim for this guidance to contribute towards that goal.

The Global Anti-Bribery Guidance Portal can be found here: www.antibriberyguidance.org


Notes for editors:

The Anti-Bribery Guidance portal is provided by TI-UK’s Business Integrity Programme (BIP).

BIP works to raise anti-corruption standards in the private sector through offering free-to-use resources such as the Anti-Bribery Guidance Portal and Doing Business Without Bribery, an interactive e-training course aimed at employees of companies that do business in multiple jurisdictions.

The team also offers a series of resources to larger businesses, including the Corporate Anti-Corruption Benchmark – which allows companies to measure whether they have the adequate anti-bribery and corruption procedures in place – and the Business Integrity Forum which organises regular events for legal and compliance professionals from businesses who aspire to the highest anti-corruption and ethical standards in business practices.



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+44 (0)20 3096 7695

++44 (0)79 6456 0340


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