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TI Welcomes Cameron’s Comments on Overseas Territories Transparency

Responding to the Prime Minister’s comments on Overseas Territories in Jamaica today, Dr Robert Barrington, Executive Director of Transparency International UK said:

“Corrupt capital has been flowing through London and the UK’s offshore territories for too long. Illicit funds that are hidden in the UK’s offshore territories all too often represent money stolen from the world’s poorest nations.  It is very welcome news to hear the Prime Minister confirm that the Government aims to stop turning a blind eye to this practice.  I look forward to seeing the Prime Minister’s words turned into action.  It’s time there was nowhere to hide corrupt money, and certainly not in any territory for which the UK is responsible.”

Speaking to the Jamaican Parliament, the Prime Minister said, “If we’re to beat corruption, we need transparency. I’ve taken the lead by pledging much more transparency over property and company ownership in the UK so that terrorists, tax-avoiders, money launderers and criminals have nowhere to hide their ill-gotten gains.

Some of the British Crown Dependences and Overseas Territories are making progress in this direction. Others, frankly, are not moving anywhere near fast enough.


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