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Tackling Corruption Together – A conference for civil society, business and government leaders

Global leaders from civil society, business and government who are championing the fight against corruption are gathering for a major conference in London on Wednesday 11 May 2016.

The leaders will set out their commitments to end impunity, prevent corruption, empower victims and support activists, in an effort to bolster good governance and transparency and support sustainable development.

The Tackling Corruption Together conference is hosted by the Commonwealth Secretariat in partnership with the UK Government, Transparency International, Thomson Reuters, Omidyar Network, the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council, the B Team, and the ONE campaign.

The conference precedes the Anti-Corruption Summit on Thursday 12 May, hosted by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, in London.

At the Tackling Corruption Together conference, invited participants will underline that anti-corruption is a shared agenda for civil society, business and government, requiring commitments from companies, a space for civil society, and support for whistle-blowers.

The conference will reinforce and showcase successful initiatives and is intended to sustain the impact of the London Anti-Corruption Summit beyond 12 May through the development of sustainable partnerships.


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