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Transparency International UK calls for Improved UK Whistleblower Protections

 October 11, London – Following the release of draft whistleblowing legislation by Protect, Transparency International UK is calling on the Government to improve protections for UK whistleblowers.

At the London Anti-Corruption Summit in 2016 the UK committed to review changes to its whistleblowing framework.

Duncan Hames, Director of Policy at Transparency International UK, said:

“Whistleblowers play an invaluable role in the fight against corruption and crime by exposing wrongdoing and ensuring those responsible can be held to account. Protecting them from reprisal is essential to their ability to speak up in the public interest. Failing to guarantee their  protection will result in fewer coming forward and risks being seen as a tacit acceptance of misconduct and  economic crime. 

Three years ago the UK committed to review changes to its whistleblowing legislation, and reiterated this commitment as a main goal in the UK’s national anti-corruption strategy. Delivering on this review is an important first step, but the UK needs to go further and address gaps in legislation designed to protect whistleblowers if we are to keep in line with the best practice being set internationally.”


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