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Phone hacking scandal: TI-UK statement

Transparency International UK is calling for swift action to undo the damage caused by the phone hacking scandal.

7 July 2011 – Chandu Krishnan Executive Director of Transparency International UK, said “The allegations that journalists bribed police officers are both shocking and serious. The Met investigation should be carried out quickly and the perpetrators investigated and convicted if guilty.

“This sad case reveals that the UK is not immune to corruption and that there are  risks of corruption within the police and media which must not be ignored. The Government cannot afford to be complacent.  There is a need for swift action and thorough investigation. We are calling on the Prime Minister to ensure that the promised public inquiry proceeds without delay.”

Notes to editors
  1. TI-UK recently published a report, Corruption in the UK which revealed that corruption is a much greater problem in the UK than recognised and that there is an inadequate response to its growing threat. Police and press are covered in the report – see Part 2 for more information on police and Part 3 for media.
  2. Transparency International UK [registered charity no.1112842] is the UK chapter of the world’s leading non-governmental anti-corruption organisation. With more than 90 chapters worldwide, Transparency International has extensive global expertise and understanding of corruption. 



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