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New report maps corruption types across health sector

The Healthcare sector – where corruption is normalised

10th October 2016, LondonCorruption is pervasive within healthcare to the extent that is has become normalised, according to new research from Transparency International’s Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Programme (TI-PHP).

Diagnosing corruption in healthcare takes a broad look at health systems across the globe and identifies 8 areas highly vulnerable to corruption:

  • Health system governance
  • Health system regulation
  • Research and development
  • Marketing
  • Procurement
  • Product distribution and storage
  • Financial and workforce management
  • Delivery of healthcare services

As part of this research TI-PHP interviewed a series of health experts and anti-corruption specialists. Some went as far as to argue that the whole system is broken, as multiple individuals, companies and groups involved in healthcare are placing their private self-interests over wider public health goals.

One expert told of a case where a doctor in America was falsely prescribing chemotherapy to patients in order to pocket millions of dollars of fake claims. In too many instances this dramatically decreased the quality of life for patients beyond treatment, and even resulted in deaths.

Sophie Peresson, Director Transparency International Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Programme, said:

“This research aims to lay out the most pressing corruption risks in the global health sector today. It shows just how vulnerable healthcare is to corruption, as well as the potentially grave impact it has all too often.”

“From the politician to the patient, corruption has all too sadly become just a part of doing business. But that needs to stop here and our research is an attempt to begin the fight back.”

“We need a multi-stakeholder approach and a united front against corruption in the health sector. It’s time we all put corruption at the forefront of our minds and stop burying our heads in the sand.”

The full results of the research can be accessed at our newly designed site www.ti-health.org


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