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International Anti-Corruption Summit Media Briefing Paper


In a speech in Singapore in July 2015, Prime Minister David Cameron announced a verbal commitment to “tackling corruption” in which he included the hosting of an Anti-Corruption Summit in 2016. The revelations from the Panama Papers have brought the issue of corruption under further focus and will continue to form some of the narrative in the run up to the summit.


12th May 2016 – See government statement here.


Governments have been invited to the Summit on the basis of their public and in-practice commitment to addressing corruption. Government and global leaders are expected to participate, with some other governments represented at a level below Heads of Government. Invitees are likely to include G20 members, as well as those who attended the corruption session at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in November 2015.


The Government has yet to announce details of what issues will be discussed but likely topics to include:

  • Full transparency over company ownership
  • Transparency over tax havens like the Overseas Territories
  • Role of “professional enablers” – supposedly respectable lawyers, accountants, banks, estate agents etc. who facilitate the laundering of corrupt wealth
  • Sport and corruption
  • International law enforcement cooperation
  • Denial of entry
  • The recovery of assets following prosecution against corrupt officials
  • Digital tools to facilitate reporting of corruption
  • More transparency over public contracts.

We expect agreed commitments to be taken forward by specific relevant bodies eg. FATF, OECD, G20, OGP etc.

Position of Transparency International UK

 Transparency International UK (TI-UK) welcome this summit as a “unique opportunity to put fighting corruption at the centre of the world’s priorities”. Robert Barrington, TI-UK Executive Director said:

“This summit can be a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a real plan of action for a global fight back against the scourge of corruption that blights the lives of millions around the world.”

The UK must also get its own house in order to be able to provide serious and effective leadership to this summit. Barrington further states:

“The Prime Minister’s global leadership on fighting corruption is welcome but the UK must establish credibility if this process is to work. Overseas bribery by UK companies, the laundering of corrupt assets through the City, dirty money entering the UK’s property market through secretive offshore safe havens, such as British overseas territories, as well as numerous political corruption scandals at home, all call into question the UK’s credentials on corruption.”

 “A successful Anti-Corruption Summit will attract the right participants including civil society, discuss the key issues, and ensure real commitments are made. That is how this summit can be an inspiring global event rather than a missed opportunity.”

Our article in The Observer (10th April 2016) highlights 10 ways the UK can get its own house in order and forms the basis of our recommendations to the summit and the UK Government.


Further reading from Transparency International UK:

Blog – What to make of the Prime Ministers anti-corruption initiative – and his plans for a summit? – by Robert Barrington, 27th January 2016

Press Release – Panama Papers: Prime Minister’s Anti-Corruption Summit must end impunity for the corrupt – TI-UK, 4th April 2016

Report – Paradise lost: Ending the UK’s role as a safe haven for corrupt individuals, their allies and assets – TI-UK, 7th April 2016


Related events of interest

11th May 2016 – “Tackling Corruption Together” – Global leaders from civil society, business and government who are leading the fight against corruption will come together for a one-day conference ahead of the International Anti-Corruption Summit.

5th May 2016 – “Speak up against corruption, powered by Pecha Kucha” – A series of 5 minute talks from activists, notable individuals and others, to raise public awareness around corruption.


Transparency International spokespeople are available from now on request. On the days before and after the summit, international TI figures will be available including Jose Ugaz, Global Chair of Transparency International.


Dominic Kavakeb

Communications Manager

020 3096 7695

079 6456 0340


*All information accurate as of 11th April 2016. We will update as soon as more details are released.



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