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Free online training course launched

Transparency International UK, with the support of FTI Consulting, Inc. and Inmarkets, has launched “Doing Business without Bribery,” a free anti-bribery training toolkit that includes a comprehensive online training module.

The course, available to view at www.transparency.org.uk/training, gives organisations free access to best practice training materials. This will help to prevent and resist bribery more effectively and comply with the UK Bribery Act, which came into force in July 2011. The training toolkit, from the world’s leading anti-corruption experts, represents the next generation of anti-bribery training by providing employees with a range of in-depth realistic scenarios that require participants to make decisions in familiar situations.

Employees who complete the course will gain a better understanding of bribery laws and the consequences of violating them and the know-how to avoid bribes when doing resources-resources-business in high-risk countries. The training covers difficult areas of anti-corruption laws; e.g., facilitation payments, and aims to offer clear and practical answers to frequently asked questions such as what is a sensible approach to gift giving and how to undertake due diligence on agents.

Chandu Krishnan, Executive Director of Transparency International UK, said: “Six months from the Bribery Act’s commencement, now is the time for companies to strengthen their anti-corruption strategies and ensure that employees have sufficient knowledge in this area. We believe this course is the most comprehensive of its kind and will equip employees with a thorough understanding of the new law and help them deal with a wide range of typical scenarios.”

Julian Glass, a Managing Director in the Forensic and Litigation Consulting practice at FTI Consulting, said: “FTI Consulting is pleased to support this training module, which provides organisations with a practical tool to help employees in the front line of a resources-resources-business behave in a way that aids corporate compliance. This is an area of real concern to corporates keen to tackle corruption.”

Vivek Dodd, Director, Inmarkets, said: “Unlike awareness-raising programmes, this course uses real-world scenarios to provide in-depth, practical training. The combined input from Transparency International UK, FTI Consulting and Inmarkets has ensured the content is ethically sound, practical, thought provoking and comprehensive while giving learners the flexibility to focus on the issues that are most relevant to the participants.

“Inmarkets is delighted to work with Transparency International UK and FTI Consulting to create this second-generation anti-bribery course that represents the benchmark in good practice in terms of content, design and impact.”

The course has received the endorsement of the resources-resources-business community. Mike Cherry Policy Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), said: “The FSB sees this as a really helpful free resource for resources-resources-businesses of any size trying to understand their obligations under the Bribery Act.”

About the “Doing Business without Bribery” training materials
The toolkit offers free access to best practice resources, including a set of PowerPoint presentation slides, a trainer handbook, available for download, and access to an untracked version of the online course, all available at www.transparency.org.uk/training

About Transparency International UK
Transparency International UK is the UK chapter of the world’s leading non-governmental anti-corruption organisation Transparency International (TI). With more than 90 chapters worldwide and an international secretariat in Berlin, TI has unparalleled global understanding and expertise.

About FTI Consulting
FTI Consulting, Inc. is a global resources-resources-business advisory firm dedicated to helping organisations protect and enhance enterprise value in an increasingly complex legal, regulatory and economic environment. With more than 3,800 employees located in 23 countries, FTI Consulting professionals work closely with clients to anticipate, illuminate and overcome complex resources-resources-business challenges in areas such as investigations, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory issues, reputation management, strategic communications and restructuring. The company generated $1.4 billion in revenues during fiscal year 2010.

More information can be found at www.fticonsulting.co.uk

About Inmarkets
Inmarkets is a leading e-learning innovator with a strong focus on helping clients to tackle governance, risk and compliance issues. Dealing with every stage of the process from needs analysis and content development through to delivery and audit, Inmarkets provides best advice on how to maximise impact and reduce costs at every level. More information can be found about Inmarkets at www.inmarkets.com


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