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FA corruption scandal: suspensions may be required

27th September 2016, London – Responding to the recent allegations about corruption and the Manager of the England National Football Team, Robert Barrington, Executive Director of Transparency International UK said:

“These are extremely serious allegations. The scandals at FIFA have already shown how big money in football can lead to corruption. Further allegations are apparently to be set out by the Daily Telegraph over the coming days. We would expect the FA – and any clubs implicated – to launch an immediate and independent investigation in response to any substantiated allegations to help keep the game clean in this country.  During such investigations, organisations typically suspend employees against whom there is credible evidence, and cooperate fully with the authorities if there has been wrongdoing.”

“If there has been a breach of the Bribery Act, an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office should follow, and in such an investigation affected entities would come under scrutiny to demonstrate that they had in place adequate procedures to prevent bribery.  The broadcasters and sponsors who pour money into the game should also be making sure that their sponsorship is not fuelling corruption.”

“If no laws have been broken, then it is possible that the FA’s own code of conduct or code of ethics has been breached, and this in itself should be taken extremely seriously. Football fans expect that games will be played according to the rules, and that those who run the game should themselves be free of corruption. There should be no impunity for corruption, and those who love football will want the FA and any clubs involved to get to the bottom of these allegations and take appropriate action.”


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