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Corruption must be included within scope of Grenfell Inquiry

 5th July 2017, London – The Public Inquiry looking into the Grenfell Tower tragedy must include corruption within its scope, according to anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International.  The remit should cover both whether corruption played a role in either the fire itself or the subsequent mismanagement of the response.

Media reports that one of the contractors responsible for fire equipment at Grenfell Tower is under investigation for bribery, have reinforced the concerns over possible corruption that could have contributed to the tragedy.

As well as allaying public concerns about the role of corruption in the tragedy, including corruption within the scope of the Public Inquiry will help to ensure the Inquiry’s recommendations are built on a proper analysis of the problems.  Transparency International will be writing to the Head of the Inquiry outlining the corruption risks that will need to be analysed.

Robert Barrington, Executive Director of Transparency International UK, said:

“The very least that we can do for the victims of this horrifying tragedy is to ensure no stone is left unturned in seeking the truth and justice. Addressing whether corrupt practices took place, at any and every level, is  central to this process.”

“Although there is no evidence as yet that corruption has had a role to play, our experience from around the world is that there is a high risk that corruption will have played a role.  This is certainly the perception of the public, and at very least this perception needs to be laid to rest.  At worst, it is possible that corruption played a part in turning a small domestic fire into a very great tragedy.  If that is the case, the truth must be uncovered, and the Inquiry should be trying to make sure it never happens again.”

“One of the many lessons to learn from the Hillsborough disaster is that the right questions must be asked from the start, through an independent and wide-ranging process,  and not many years later. Whether corruption was involved in the Grenfell Tower fire must be an explicit question, properly and expertly investigated.”

Transparency International has identified at least three key areas where corruption could have played a part in a tragedy such as a Grenfell Tower.

  • Shortcuts and sub-standard work by contractors that could have been a result of bribery or cronyism.
  • A lack of oversight over construction, following outsourcing decisions made by those with serious conflicts of interest.
  • Theft or diversion of council funds leading to under-resourcing.

Read Robert Barrington’s full analysis of corruption and Grenfell Tower here http://www.transparency.org.uk/corruption-and-grenfell-tower/


Dominic Kavakeb, Communications Manager
+44(0)20 3096 7695
+44 (0)79 6456 0340


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