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Corruption has been defeated!

As we are sure, many of you worked out this was of course an April Fools prank. In reality there is nothing funny about corruption which continues to blight the lives of millions around the world. Transparency International UK is committed as ever to fighting corruption and here are some of the reasons why corruption is still far from being eradicated


Transparency International UK to close offices

1st April – LondonFollowing 22 years of campaigning against corruption Transparency International UK is today delighted to announce that corruption is no more. Our “Corruption Reality Analysis Programme” carried out its 2015 audit and found corruption levels have now dropped to 0.

Following this successful result TI-UK has decided to close our offices, and following a night of heavy celebrations, we shall cease to exist. We have full trust in our CRAP team and therefore maintain absolute confidence that this is the right move at the right time.

Robert Barrington, TI-UK Executive Director said:

“I am ecstatic that we have entirely defeated corruption. I’ve always said that corruption was a blight but could hardly believe that we would eradicate it if we tried hard enough. I’m incredibly proud of this moment.”

“I now look forward to England winning the world cups in rugby, football, cricket and all other sports, in the full knowledge that our work here is done.

For further enquiries, please don’t bother as we no longer exist.

ENDS (Forever)


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