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Trainers Handbook for anti-bribery course, Doing Business Without Bribery


Doing Good Without Bribery

Doing Good Without Bribery

This free online learning module provides a comprehensive anti-bribery training course designed by leading experts in the field. Transparency International UK (TI-UK) is an anti-corruption charity that promotes free access to the best available anti-bribery training.

Aimed at those working in international development, this course supports organisations in training their personnel, whether this is front-line staff, support staff or management, as well as third parties such as local partners and contractors. It is based on TI-UK’s more than four years’ experience of providing face-to-face training for those in international development.

The course is designed to be non-linear so there is no requirement to complete every section. At any point in the course you can return to the contents page by clicking the course menu icon at the top left-hand corner. The exercises are updated regularly and you are encouraged to return to the course periodically to keep your knowledge up to date. We value any feedback you have and welcome any suggestions for new exercises.

You can quit and re-enter the course as often as you like. There are no restrictions on the number of times you can take the course or the number of individuals from the same organisation who can take it.

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Learning outcomes:

  • What is bribery and why is it important?
  • Bribery laws and the consequences of bribery for you
  • How to prevent and resist bribery
  • How to report cases of bribery

Project team

  • Editor: Peter van Veen
  • Project managers: Anders Rune, Alice Shone
  • Researchers: Piyumi Galappatti, Katy Hall


This course was kindly supported by Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), Coffey, Skillcast and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), who were all members of the Advisory Committee. We would also like to thank the following for providing input: Peter Wilkinson; Simon Major from WWF UK; Donna Lusti from WWF International; and, Mary Eastwood from Oxfam.Skillcast_R_logo-02 COF TT Logo_RGB-01 CIFF RGB  wfd_rgb-solid-01


Comments and feedback

We value any feedback you may have and welcome any suggestions for new exercises. To help us improve the course:

Further resources:


If you wish to customise and roll out this course as in-house tracked e-learning, please contact info@skillcast.com or http://www.skillcast.com/web/Contact.


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