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E-learning course: This free online learning module provides comprehensive anti-bribery training

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For anti-bribery and corruption training to be effective, it needs to resonate with staff. Employees need to understand what anti-corruption means and why it is important, and make a personal commitment to behave in an ethical way.

As the world’s leading anti-corruption NGO, we have been fighting corruption globally for more than 25 years and have unparalleled insight into the impact of corruption on economies, societies and ordinary people’s lives. We are well-placed to share our experience and expertise either as part of your in-house staff training programme or through stand-alone training courses.

We can assist you with:

General anti-bribery and corruption training

For example:

  • Staff training sessions, such as training for sales staff or inductions for other staff who might be exposed to corruption risks in their line of work
  • Talks at staff conferences or team building events to help build awareness of the importance of countering bribery and corruption

Specialist training

We can also provide expert perspectives on a range of topics, such as:

  • Using agents and intermediaries
  • Managing supply chains
  • Performing due diligence for mergers and acquisitions
  • Developing Adequate Procedures to comply with the UK Bribery Act

Typically, our specialist training courses are aimed at:

  • Compliance teams, within organisations of all sizes and across all sectors
  • Senior and expatriate management
  • NGOs, charities and international development organisations

It is our aim to assist you in building a successful company culture that aids your bottom line and protects your reputation.  For more information on our courses or to discuss your training requirements, please contact training@transparency.org.uk.

We also offer dedicated training for military personnel under The TI Defence and Security Programme.  More information about the Programme and contact details can be found here.

Free resources

We would always recommend in-depth face-to-face training as the most effective means of changing staff behaviours and attitudes. To complement your training programme and by way of introduction to anti-corruption course content, we are pleased to offer some free materials and e-learning tools:


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