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Application Procedure

Companies that wish to join the Business Integrity Forum are invited to attend a Forum meeting to observe it in action.  When a company applies to join, a due diligence procedure is initiated designed to reassure TI-UK that the company’s overall ethos and policies are consistent with TI’s approach and values as well as the Forum’s Membership Principles.     

The procedure is:

    1. Undertake a press and web search 
    2. Examine the documents and statements on the company’s website 
    3. Meet with the company to talk through the TI ABC checklist and any issues that have arisen during our research.  In terms of information and documentation to prepare TI-UK for the meeting we ask to see any policies or procedures that are relevant to the points on the checklist – either weblinks or the documents themselves.      

The background research and meeting are designed to give TI-UK a sufficient basis for assessing whether a prospective member meets the Forum’s  membership principles.  A recommendation is made to the Chair and Executive Director who ultimately make a decision.  Contentious cases may require the approval of the full TI-UK board, and a company may be asked to wait for a certain period before being invited to join the Forum.

TI-UK’s procedure for dealing with corruption-related allegations about BIF members can be downloaded here.


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