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Business Integrity

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The goal of our Business Integrity Programme is to raise anti-corruption standards in the private sector.  We aim to ensure that individuals and organisations do not participate in, enable or endorse corruption.  We do this in various ways:

Business Integrity Forum

We bring together leading businesses that wish to demonstrate their support for our work and commitment to fighting corruption in their own operations. Our aim is to raise standards and help to create a level playing field for UK companies operating globally.  For more information click here.

Research, tools and guidance

We conduct research into key risk areas for bribery and corruption in business. We use this research to design tools and guidance for companies on how to address these risks and strengthen their anti-corruption programmes.  For more information click here.

Training and e-learning

We run training programmes for organisations in a wide variety of sectors. These range from introductory courses to courses tailored to meet specific requirements of organisations or teams. We also provide e-learning programmes and free resources for trainers. For more information click here.


We occasionally provide advice on critical anti-bribery and corruption questions to organisations in the private and non-profit sectors. For more information click here.

For more information on any aspect of our work please contact businessintegrity@transparency.org.uk


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