Open Business to Build Back Better - 2021 OECD Integrity Forum

Thu 25th Mar 2021
14:00 – 14:30 BST
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In conversation with Transparency International, Norges Bank Investment Management and Anglo American plc on anti-corruption transparency.

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About this Event

As actors look to re-build our economies and societies in a more sustainable way post-pandemic, companies need to respond in a meaningful way.

Corruption undermines sustainability efforts and companies need to take seriously their efforts, and show how they are doing so, to rebuild public trust and achieve a high degree of integrity in their actions. Without it, we will not be able to build back better.

Hear from Head of Business integrity at Transparency International UK accompanied by speakers from Norges Bank Investment Management and Anglo American plc on why anti-corruption transparency is key to building back better, and practical advice on how to do so. This conversation builds upon Transparency International UK's 2020 report: Open Business.

Moderator: Rocio Paniagua, Head of Business Integrity, Transparency International UK


Jinu Koola, Senior Economist, Norges Bank Investment Management

Peter Elam, Group Head of Risk Management and Business Assurance, Anglo American plc