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TransparencyUK Update from Transparency International UK's chief executive @DanielJBruce on the work we and our colleagues… https://t.co/YYeRTkqqKl
TransparencyUK In 2018/19, just 11 fines were issued to the legal sector whilst the average fine for accountants was £652. This… https://t.co/Usm0xcdTkX
TransparencyUK The latest OPBAS report from @TheFCA highlights the need for a radical overhaul of the UK’s anti-money laundering s… https://t.co/omG9j64Vfc

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Transparency is increasingly becoming a norm in the corporate world.[1] More than simply being the ‘right’ thing to do, there is a strong business case for corporate transparency around governance and anti-corruption. Transparency is vital in the fight to reduce corruption risks in business and, what’s more, companies are finding that providing more information than

The theme of this year’s annual Munich Security Conference was ‘Westlessness’.  Awkward to pronounce and going by the evidence, equally awkward to discuss in (polite) internationally mixed company.  That those countries self-identifying as ‘Western’, are having a moment of self-doubt is not in dispute.  But as the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo was at

Reporting. What does that word conjure up: bureaucracy; administration; red tape? I’m sure it does not elicit bounds of enthusiasm. Therefore, it is completely understandable why those who have to report get it wrong, or forget to file in the first place. Their minds may be focussed on much more important things like ‘real work’.

Today, Transparency International launches the 2019 Corruption Perception Index (CPI), our flagship piece of global research. Ironically, whilst it’s probably why most people have heard of us, there’s an awful lot of confusion still about what the CPI does and does not do. So to help you navigate this year’s results, I’ve written a short

If it’s easy, it’s not worth doing, to borrow from the words of former US President Teddy Roosevelt. Nothing could be more true of the global fight against corruption. Its impact both globally and in the UK is so pernicious that at Transparency International UK we believe it is unconscionable to accept it or simply

As 2019 draws to a close, the clock is ticking down on corporate secrecy in the UK’s offshore financial centres. For years, the anonymity provided by companies incorporated in these islands has provided a hiding place for all sorts of bounty and buccaneers. We have found these opaque legal structures, where the name of their

Today, a joint investigation between OCCRP, Finance Uncovered and The Times exposed the alleged questionable business practices and clients of a UK company service provider, Formations House. A trail of leaked emails and documents relating to the firm give an insight into how Formations House set up 400,000 companies around the world since 2001, many

Three years have passed since more than 40 countries gathered at the Anti-Corruption Summit in London and made specific pledges for tackling corruption. However, commitments are only half of the story. At Transparency International, we are interested in the long and often difficult journey towards implementation. That’s why we created, together with other Transparency International

A company operates within a dynamic environment. It can face changes to regulations and laws, societal changes, and new emerging risks due to shifting political landscapes, or ever-advancing new technology which may disrupt its operations.  The company’s own risk profile may also change; it may enter into new markets, or provide new products and services.

Globally, an estimated £1.4 trillion changes hands in bribes every year. UK business has a vital role to play in tackling this corruption. But why should they do so? Bribery and corruption scandals have a major impact on every aspect of a company, from fines and reputational damage to internal issues such as the erosion

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