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Six questions that need to be addressed in the US$8 billion pledge to fight COVID-19 In a significant public display of global solidarity, on May 4th the European Commission, Germany, France and other EU member states pledged US$8 billion for health technologies to combat COVID-19. The Coronavirus Global Response pledging conference answered to the World

This post originally appeared on the FCPA Blog.  By Tilly Prior and Kwaku Osafo.   Knowing when to be flexible and when to stand your ground is a skill we continuously juggle. Nowhere is this more apt than in the current fight against Covid-19, as governments and companies adapt their ways to work together in

2020 marks the first anniversary of Transparency International Health Initiative’s ground-breaking report revealing how corruption in healthcare service delivery threatens Universal Health Coverage (UHC) – that is the worldwide commitment to provide access to essential quality health services for all. This year, we are also entering a 10-year count-down to meet all global commitments on

Monitoring and measuring impact and effectiveness has never been more important. These practices are essential to ensure better-informed policies and projects by understanding what has worked before, what should improve, and to allocate adequately, spend efficiently on resources and achieve greater results. Learning from past experience is key to guide future action in the right

COVID-19 has disrupted everything – supply chains, the market, how we work and how we interact with each other. For compliance teams, flexibility and adaptation are key to ensuring that you are on hand for your business to guarantee that it is making the best possible decisions when under pressure. The Business Integrity team at

As states look to militaries to help combat the coronavirus outbreak, they risk empowering forces weakened by corruption and poor governance. Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, all eyes have been on the sector providing the frontline response to the epidemic: healthcare. But as the military steps in to assist in a growing number of countries around

During a global health crisis such as the current COVID-19 pandemic the capabilities of health systems are pushed to the extreme. This pressure to respond quickly to urgent demand creates opportunities for corruption in health research, development, procurement and delivery. Transparency in research and development of COVID-19 health care technology and procurement are key to

Transparency is increasingly becoming a norm in the corporate world.[1] More than simply being the ‘right’ thing to do, there is a strong business case for corporate transparency around governance and anti-corruption. Transparency is vital in the fight to reduce corruption risks in business and, what’s more, companies are finding that providing more information than

The theme of this year’s annual Munich Security Conference was ‘Westlessness’.  Awkward to pronounce and going by the evidence, equally awkward to discuss in (polite) internationally mixed company.  That those countries self-identifying as ‘Western’, are having a moment of self-doubt is not in dispute.  But as the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo was at

Reporting. What does that word conjure up: bureaucracy; administration; red tape? I’m sure it does not elicit bounds of enthusiasm. Therefore, it is completely understandable why those who have to report get it wrong, or forget to file in the first place. Their minds may be focussed on much more important things like ‘real work’.

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